About Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Kvitko and Anna create “The Hollywood Smile “

Since computers took over the world, we’ve all had to understand how to send an e-mail, take digital images and download music to our ipods. Dentists greeted the computer advancements and lasers with excitement, and their use has expanded what dentists can do for us.

Cosmetic dentistry as we know it would hardly be possible without such technological advances. Laser dentistry allows for techniques such as; laser gum recontouring, laser tooth recontouring, laser cavity treatment, and laser teeth whitening.

Your smile makeover couldn’t be done without computers and lasers. Most modern dentists have upgraded dental equipment, and aesthetic dentists are particularly up-to date. Top dentists have a brand new approaches for their patients which allows for an overall more positive dental experience.

Gone is the dental office of the past! No more drab waiting rooms and boring old magazines…. Dr. Kirill Kvitko’s dental practice features the best modern equipment, comfortable chairs and an inviting environment. Dr. Kirill Kvitko and his staff want you to feel comfortable and to put you at ease. If you feel anxious to about visiting the dentist (which is very common) there are various options in place like local anesthesia to keep you comfortable and help you to relax. Your smile says a lot about you! The expertise and advanced techniques at Alpha Dental are focused on improving your smile both inside and out ensuring your teeth and gums are healthy.

Good dental health is the foundation for a beautiful smile and connected to your overall health and well being. Dr. Kirill Kvitko will examine your teeth from a different point of view than the old standard one. As opposed to simply taking a look at one tooth at a time he will take look at your whole face, with problem prevention in mind and determine which procedures will restore your smile!