About Restorative Dentistry

The Alpha Restorative Team

Reconstructive dentistry is something which often drives people away, even when the techniques and processes it includes are effective in restoring one’s glowing and healthful smile. In most cases, many patients are scared of their dentists and this is where Dr. Kirill Kvitko friendly manner succeeds.The simple fact is that reconstructive dentistry has a bad rap it does not deserve. Patients haven’t any need to fear at Dr. Kirill Kvitko’s practice.

Today’s reconstructive dentistry techniques have come  a significant way since they were first developed, with the  overall improvements in dentistry, most processes have become safer.

Here are a few examples of dental issues wherein solutions in reconstructive dentistry might be of incredible help. Gaps due to lost tooth, which can happen for a variety numerous reasons. If gaps are left unattended, mastication might happen, a process wherein the remaining tooth shift to towards the gap, causing smaller cracks and creating an unsightly smile. Mastication may additionally lead to pain due to the change or tilting of the teeth.

Caused by injuries and tooth decay, broken teeth often have their sources inserted in the gum line. A broken tooth may cause the gum tissue around it to swell and start to become contaminated, causing severe pain.

There are so many reasons for a tooth grow in undesirable directions, ruining what would have been a glowing and healthful smile. Many reconstructive dentistry techniques could straighten out the tooth and restore the quality of the patient’s smile.

Dr. Kirill Kvitko is highly trained in appropriate restorative technique to restore your smile. Below are a number of the many techniques under reconstructive dentistry.

When reconstructive work is done properly the mouth is beautified with a more comfortable bite and less tension in the jaw and neck. In addressing and correcting these problems, patients find relief, improved function and better oral health, not to mention  enhanced confidence. Call Dr. Kirill Kvitko and book your appointment and free consultation today (818) 907 8383.